One Hundred Mill Brings More Urban Density to Downtown Tempe

one-hundred-mill-street-viewOne Hundred Mill is a proposed $190 million mixed use, office, retail and hotel development consisting of two 15 story towers right on Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe on the former site of Monti’s La Casa Vieja.

One of the fifteen story high rise buildings will house 260,000 square feet of premier office space and the other high rise building will house a 240 room Kimpton boutique hotel with 17,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space. The restaurant will reside in the former Monti’s La Casa Vieja after it has been restored to it’s original 1870’s era condition.

One Hundred Mill is currently scheduled to be completed in 2017 but the project has just been recently submitted to Tempe for the preliminary approval process.

Assuming One Hundred Mill is completed we will have over 3 million square feet of brand new office space and two brand new hotels either on or within 1/4 mile of Mill Avenue!

Obviously office tenants use their space differently but we may see as many as 20,000 new employees in the area.

Just imagine what that will do for the area. BOOM! More restaurants, more entertainment, more shopping and just more more.

Don’t be stressed about traffic. The City of Tempe is great at moving large numbers of people quickly and efficiently (e.g. ASU football games, AZ Cardinal games years ago, Super Bowl etc…).

We’re excited about the development. The restaurant for One Hundred Mill hasn’t been determined yet but we believe (wishful thinking maybe) that a 240 room boutique hotel will attract a finer dining restaurant than what is the norm on Mill Avenue.

Don’t get me wrong, we love House of Tricks, Postinos, The Yard etc… but we would like to have a “dress up” place to frequent too.

Downtown Tempe is already one of the denser areas in town and with the addition of One Hundred Mill, the new office tower at Hayden Ferry Lakeside, the new office space at Marina Heights, SALT Apartments along with Tempe Town Lake, a rebounding Mill Avenue retail and restaurant market, the success of the Light Rail, ASU and so much more, we think Tempe is more and more the place to live.


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