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IFollow BadgeMost blogs today are set up as “no follow” meaning that if you comment on that blog the search engines don’t recognize your comment as a link to your web site or blog. In other words, NO LINK LOVE.

Our WeKnowUrban blog is set up so that when you “log in” and make comments we allow indexing spiders like Google to follow back to your webste or blog. This is our little way of thanking you for stopping by and saying hi. We don’t mind giving you some link love when you comment on our site. So, go ahead, comment away and pick up a link while you’re at it.

NOTE-spammers we’re still watching so if you’re looking to build links to porn, gambling, or other spam sites we will delete your comments.

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25 thoughts on “U Comment I Follow
Tami Johnson
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Cool post! Now I have a tool to be added in searching for dofollow blogs. This is really a great help. Thanks!

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This is a great move to increase useful posts contributing to the blogs. No follow tag didn’t stopped comment spam.

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Shaunte Meth

Is there a RSS flux i can follow ?


It’s actually a good strategy to entice quality comments from good bloggers. Sure, it also brings in spammers, but that can be easily moderated. I should have a WP blog up this week (the designer is taking forever), feel free to stop by and comment, as I will also keep it as dofollow.

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Thanks for keeping you blog do-follow. I am trying to do the same for mine, but deleting all the spam comments is quite a hassle.

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i think most blogs are no-follow because they use wordpress…do people still use the u comment i follow protocol?

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This is a great way to reward your readers for actively contributing to your site. Thanks again!

DoFollow Blog List

I have a dofollow blog list and I am currently verifying the blogs that are listed.

Your site is listed and I just wanted you to be aware of this in case you do not like being listed on those types of lists.


Nice that you made your blog dofollow for commenters. This would benefit your blog in a great way by gaining great traffic and also increase the page rank of the blog.
Nice work and keep going.


When I comment on a blog does it have to be in the same niche? Can I comment on any blog to get backlinks?


Thank you! Excellent post!

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Great for making your do follow blog.

I think your right here. “NOTE-spammers we’re still watching so if you’re looking to build links to porn, gambling, or other spam sites we will delete your comments”

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as i understand, nofollow is an attribute of tag ?

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Do Follow Is The Wave Of The Future.


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Thanks because your allowing us to leave comment on your website and receive traffic. Great idea that you do not allow gambling, porn and other sites to comment here. Thank you so much again!

Real Estate Floripa

Very interesting tool to give your commentators a great reward and to generate more comments and discussions.


This is really usefull for getting a few more comments and having more blog activity


Cool, I’m going to use this on my blog, thanks indeed 😀


Glad to have another dofollow blog to visit!:-

Your blog is already doing so well so this would be more of a “thank you” to your readers, I guess.

Jeannie collins

Will, I went on your tour last Saturday. I will refer those who are interested in urban living condo/lofts to you. I appreciate your knowledge of the area. Your obvious devotion to your work shows your commitment to servicing the client.

Will Daly
Will Daly

Artur, I have been testing the “do follow” code and to date I can’t tell if the link will appear in the commentor’s index. Keep an eye on your inbound links and let me know if you don’t get “credit” for your comment to my blog.

Artur | Phoenix Real Estate


That’s great. I think most blogs by default seem to be no follow. It would be great if more people would turn that function to “do follow”, it would benefit us all and maybe get some additional quality activity on each others blogsites and forums.

Phoenix Urban Living

Free love and free ‘follow’. A new movement that I believe helps us all. Thanks Will. Make ‘follow’ not war:)

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